About Us

As of March 2023, We now have an event space of our own located in downtown. Oswego! This venue is our way of contributing to the community to provide a safe space that can accommodate celebrations and projects while also giving us a primary location to express our creativity and bring activities or events to our area.

Why buy or book with Pomp & Purpose? Well, just like you we're well aware of competitors offering similar products and services. However, we guarantee unmatched creativity and exceptional service. We also arrive with an element of surprise unlisted on our website for every party or event. When you're shopping around, which we highly recommend you do, when booking the best provider for your party needs, please focus on the value versus the price. Nothing in life is free and there will always be a fee to host an event/party, please make sure the value and service you'll receive exceeds your price point! That's where our team rises above the rest! We'll go above and beyond to ensure you feel like a guest at your own event or party and your attendees will arrive in awe and leave with priceless memories! 

In addition to the listed details, you'll receive exclusive decor, high-end products and materials along with care and concern to ensure your event is not only memorable, yet picture perfect too!

We currently service the Chicagoland area, yet ship some of our products throughout the United States. The overall objective is to design, deliver & build a unique entertainment ambiance. 

Rest assured, each and every purchase you make with Pomp & Purpose comes equipped with the following:

Exceptional Value

Quality Care

Exclusive Creativity

Unlimited Customer Support

User Friendly Website

Flexible Availability

Safe & Secure Checkout

No overselling

No overbooking

Personal & Professional Customer Service

Definition of Pomp
A ceremony and splendid display, especially at a public event. 

Definition of Purpose
the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

Thank You for visting Pomp & Purpose! We're looking forward to setting the stage for your next event, so you and your guests can relax while comfortably and creatively making splendid memories, with purpose and on purpose!