About Us

Why buy a party package or attend an event hosted by Pomp & Purpose? 

We guarantee unmatched creativity, precise attention to detail, quality products and exceptional service! We also arrive with an element of surprise unlisted on our website for every party we plan and/or event we host. When you're shopping around, which we highly recommend you do, please be advised there are numerous event and party planners whom have attempted to replicate our event schedule, party packages and design esthetic! We're aware of the imitators and we take this as a huge compliment-imitation is the biggest form of flattery! Taking that into consideration, we stand confident in our efforts to make sure the value and service you'll receive from Pomp & Purpose exceeds your price point and your expectations! We rise above the saturated market and continue to blossom where we are planted! 

We currently service the western suburbs of Chicago and we charge a travel fee for any location that exceedes our 20mile radius. Near or far, each party package or event booked with Pomp & Purpose will include the following:

Exceptional Value

Quality Care

Exclusive Creativity

Unlimited Customer Support

User Friendly Website

Flexible Availability

Safe & Secure Checkout

No overselling

No overbooking

Personal & Professional Customer Service

Definition of Pomp
A ceremony and splendid display, especially at a public event. 

Definition of Purpose
the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

Thank You for visting Pomp & Purpose! We look forward to setting the stage for your next event, so you and your guests can relax while making splendid memories, with purpose and on purpose!