From The Desk of The Owner

Welcome! My name is Neallina (family & friends call me Nenah; pronounced "Nina") and I'm the owner and creative developer of this blossoming brand. I'm a Wife, Mother and hopeful romantic whom believes everyone and everything deserves to be celebrated! For over 25 years I've hosted countless parties and events for family and friends leaving them with unforgettable memories after receiving my personal party touches! In addition to celebrating life's big and small accomplishments, I’m an advocate for clean, comfortable decorative spaces that speak on behalf of one’s individuality. So, l created this collective concept to embrace my unmattached attention to detail, passion for celebrating people, hosting parties and décor! I came up with the business plan and name in 2019 (originating from the phrase Pomp & Circumstance) and finally elected to embark on this independent endeavor bringing Pomp & Purpose to life. Although I'm the Founder/Owner of this small business, behind the scenes this is a family owned and operated entity. I encourage and welcome the independent skillsets I receive from my Husband and my children to bring each entertainment element to fruition. 

My personal pleasure for celebrating life, my Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice, my former Career in management and time spent working in Corporate America have each prepared me for my most rewarding role to date-being a self made Entrepreneur!

I invite you to browse around the website and take an extensive look at our social media pages as well to truly see the value, time and attention I put into a party and/or an entertainment package. If you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions please don't hesitate to contact me directly 630-677-0084 or send an email via our contact page. 

Until further notice-CELEBRATE